Lake Tahoe Wildfire Preparation Workshop

August 20th, 2018

Location: Fairway Community Center

Join the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities to learn how to prepare your family and home for wildfire. In the Lake Tahoe Basin it’s not a matter of it, it’s a matter of when the next wildfire will occur. Prepare now! Workshop is open to the public and free for all ages.

Learn from local experts about:

  • Access: Increase the likelihood of emergency personnel accessing your home during an emergency
  • Built Environment: Address ember vulnerabilities on your home
  • Community Protection: Work with public land agency urban lot management programs
  • Defensible Space: Properly maintain the vegetation around your home
  • Evacuation: Plan and prepare for evacuation

Guest speakers include:

  • Ann Grant | Skyland Neighborhood Fire Adapted Community Leader
  • Susie Kocher | University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Chief Mike Schwartz | North Tahoe Fire Protection District
  • Carlie Teague | Tahoe resource Conservation District
  • And More…