Tahoe Fire Safe Initiative

June 14th, 2024

An Initiative of the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation- Protecting the People and Properties of Tahoe

PRESS RELEASE- Written by Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation

As we bask in the warmth of summer, the threat of wildfire is never far from our minds.  Your Community Foundation remains dedicated to protecting the people and properties of Tahoe from the threat of wildfire.

The Tahoe Fire Safe Initiative was created as a focused effort to develop fire prevention strategies in the Tahoe Basin. The Community Foundation continues to convene meetings with local fire and insurance experts.  Many successful projects and programs have been identified by the Tahoe Fire and Insurance Experts Group and funded by the Tahoe Fire Safe Fund.

Learn more about the Tahoe Fire Safe Initiative and the impact it has made on Tahoe so far.

Donate to the Tahoe Fire Safe Fund

We’ve compiled a list of resources, and simple yet effective steps you can take today!


With Tahoe Living With Fire, you can: Get prepared. Get informed. Get involved. Tahoe Living With Fire is an excellent resource that compiles all the information and resources you need for fire prevention and protection in your area.  
Get Prepared
Living more safely with the threat of wildfire starts at home.  Find methods, tips, and recommendations for your home, improving defensible space, evacuation plan, and other information on preparing your home and property. 
Get Informed
Information is key.  A map and links to resources in order to learn about prescribed fires and fuel reduction projects managed by the Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team (TFFT) can be the informative measures you need to understand fire risks and activities occurring in your region.
Get Involved
Find out how you can take individual action to help collectively reduce your community’s risk from wildfire.


This newly available Defensible Space Guide was funded by the Tahoe Fire Safe Fund held at the Community Foundation, and offers updated information to create defensible space in your home and neighborhood.


TahoeAlerts.com will help you navigate emergency alert signups in the Tahoe region for notifications about evacuations and other pertinent information in time of crisis.