Lake Tahoe Wildfire Awareness Campaign Social Media Toolkit

The Lake Tahoe Wildfire Awareness Campaign Social Media Toolkit contains wildfire preparedness messages on various topics you can share on your social media channels. Feel free to copy these messages directly or customize them for your audience. Topics include evacuation preparedness, defensible space, home hardening, living with smoke, prescribed fire, after fire recovery and preparing for flood after fire. We’ve also created some graphics you can download and share, along with the key messages below.

Key Messages | English

Preparing for Evacuation:


Defensible Space:

Home Hardening:

Living With Smoke:

Prescribed Fire:

  • There is such a thing as good fire. Many ecosystems have become unhealthy after years of fire exclusion and can become overgrown with vegetation which can become a fire hazard. Under specific and controlled conditions, prescribed burning can help restore ecosystems while also reducing hazardous fuels and mitigating the risk of wildfire to communities. Learn more at
  • Healthy and resilient landscapes are less vulnerable to extreme wildfires because they can adapt to climate change and are more resistant to invasive species and insect infestations. Prescribed fire is a tool to help restore resilient landscapes. Learn more at
  • Like all fire, prescribed fire leads to smoke. However, prescribed fires are planned carefully to keep smoke at acceptable levels. Occasionally, smoke from a prescribed fire can accumulate in a community, but usually only for a few hours, as opposed to smoke exposure from uncontrolled wildfires which typically last longer, resulting in harmful air quality. Check with local officials for burning schedules so you can be prepared.

After Fire Recovery | Home and Property:

After Fire Recovery | Landscape:

Flood After Fire:

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