Weekly Indoor Tip #2: Make a Family Evacuation Plan

April 8th, 2020


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Because we won't be out in the community for the next several weeks, the Tahoe Network is sending out weekly tips on how to prepare for wildfire inside your home.

This Week's Tip: Make a Family Evacuation Plan

Making a plan is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your family for wildfire. Whether your kids are home from school, your spouse is teleworking, or family members are social distancing, you can use this time inside to gather and discuss a wildfire evacuation plan.

Step 1: Explain the Risks of Wildfire

Tahoe communities are located within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), making our homes and families especially vulnerable to wildfire. It's important to explain wildfire risks to family members, including small children*, and ensure they understand the importance of being prepared.

*Stay tuned! Next week's tip is on how to talk to children about wildfire!

Step 2: Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Next, make sure everyone in your family is signed up to receive emergency alert notifications to their phone. Each county in Tahoe has their own "opt-in" system. If you often travel around the basin, signing up for multiple counties is a good idea.

Placer County

El Dorado County

Washoe County

Douglas County

Step 3: Become Familiar with the Neighborhood

Establish and practice exit routes out of your home and neighborhood. Evacuation routes may vary depending on the location of the fire, so familiarity is crucial for making on-the-fly decisions.

Step 4: Create a Written Plan

Once everyone understands the risks, has signed up for emergency alerts, and is familiar with the neighborhood, write down a family plan. Be sure to include:

  • A designated meeting point outside of the hazard area
  • An out-of-town friend or relative to serve as a point of contact for the family
  • How to turn off the water, gas, and electricity in your home
  • How to assist seniors and disabled members of your family
  • A plan for pets and large animals

Some additional evacuation resources:

Create a Go-Bag

Wildfire Evacuation Guide

Su Guía de Evacuación en Caso de Incendios Forestales

Thank you for reading our weekly tip, we hope you feel more prepared for wildfire!