June 24th, 2020

Contact: Tia Rancourt

Public Education/Information Officer

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District




As public fireworks displays are canceled across the country, and, in our own community, we would like to remind everyone to please refrain from using consumer fireworks when celebrating on and around July 4th.

In a typical year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) encourages the public to only attend public fireworks displays put on by trained professionals, reflecting its long-standing position against consumer use of fireworks. With public fireworks events being canceled this year, NFPA is strongly discouraging individuals’ use of consumer fireworks, recognizing that the likelihood of such activities may increase in the absence of public displays.

“Because we will not be having our professional public fireworks display locally this year, we strongly encourage people to find other safe ways to celebrate the holiday,” said Fire Chief Ryan Sommers. “We would like to remind folks that fireworks are illegal to possess or discharge on any property, public or private (including US Forest Service) in the Tahoe Basin.” This includes all consumer fireworks (fireworks purchased by individuals) known as “safe and sane” brought in from out of state. Washoe County, Douglas County and Carson City enforce civil and criminal penalties for possession and/or use of fireworks.

The use of consumer fireworks can lead to fires, devastating burns, other injuries, and even death. Not only are safety precautions a concern, the cost of suppression and any other injury or liability caused by fireworks is the direct responsibility of those persons using fireworks. Anyone with fireworks may turn them into any fire station in any fire district without penalty at any time.

In addition to the harm consumer fireworks can inflict on individuals, these unnecessary incidents can also place undue burdens on first responders and emergency room staff. Our first responders have been working tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Please show your support and avoid consumer use of fireworks to help reduce the number of preventable incidents that require response and care.

If you plan on water recreation activities on Lake Tahoe, please remember the temperature can be colder than most, as it is an Alpine lake. Whether boating, jet skiing, kayaking, rafting, paddle boarding or swimming, it is important to inform yourself about the colder temperatures. Also,  please check the forecasted weather.