Firewise USA® Workshop

March 9th, 2022



Hosted by the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities in collaboration with Lake Tahoe fire districts and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the FREE Firewise USA® workshop will teach Lake Tahoe residents about the benefits of Firewise USA ®, how to obtain Firewise USA ® recognition, and strategies for executing it on a neighborhood scale.

The workshop will also present time for attendees to ask questions and discuss best practices and tips among each other.

The national Firewise USA® recognition program provides a collaborative framework to help neighbors in a geographic area get organized, find direction, and take action to increase the ignition resistance of their homes and community and to reduce wildfire risks at the local level.

Any community that meets a set of voluntary criteria on an annual basis and retains an “In Good Standing Status” may identify itself as being a Firewise® Site.

Learn how to get started at this workshop.