Prepare for Wildfire at Home: Tahoe Network 10 Weekly Tips

June 2nd, 2020


Because we could not be out in the community the last several weeks, the Tahoe Network sent out ten weekly tips on how to prepare for wildfire at home. Check them out below:

Weekly Tip #1: Create a Go-Bag

Weekly Tip #2: Make a Family Evacuation Plan

Weekly Tip #3: Talk to Kids About Wildfire

Weekly Tip #4: Make a Home inventory List

Weekly Tip #5: Identify Your Home's Ember Vulnerabilities

Weekly Tip #6: Create a Home Hardening Plan

Weekly Tip #7: Create a Non-Combustible Zone

Weekly Tip #8: Create Defensible Space

Weekly Tip #9: Up Your Preparedness Game With Online Tools

Weekly Tip #10: Connect Virtually

We hope you enjoy this series, and we wish you the best of luck with your own wildfire preparedness journey.