Weekly Tip #4: Make a Home Inventory List

April 15th, 2020

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Because we won't be out in the community for the next several weeks, the Tahoe Network is sending out weekly tips on how to prepare for wildfire inside your home.

This Week's Tip: Make a Home Inventory List

If you had to process an insurance claim after a wildfire, would you be able to remember every valuable item in your home?

If you're looking for a fun and distracting task, try making a home inventory list! A home inventory list keeps record of your family's personal items and can help you effectively process an insurance claim after a wildfire; it's a crucial step for preparedness.

Step 1: Create the List

The Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities has created an excel spreadsheet for items commonly found in a home or apartment.

You can complete the spreadsheet on a phone or computer, or you can print each tab and complete them by hand as you walk through your home. Either way, starting this list is a step in the right direction for preparing for wildfire.

Step 2: Take Pictures or Videos of your Items

Once you've completed your inventory, document the most valuable items with pictures or a video walk-through of each room.

Step 3: Print and Store your Inventory

Print multiple copies of your list and store one of them in your Go-Bag. You should also store a digital copy, including any photos or videos, on an online cloud platform (such as iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox) in case you lose your phone or list during an evacuation.

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Thank you for reading our weekly tip, we hope you feel more prepared for wildfire!