Weekly Tip #8: Create Defensible Space

May 26th, 2020

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Because we won't be out in the community for the next several weeks, the Tahoe Network is sending weekly tips on how to prepare for wildfire at home. Stay tuned, we only have two weekly tips left!
This Week's Tip: Create Defensible Space

Defensible space refers to the managed landscape surrounding a home that reduces the threat of a wildfire. Defensible space allows wildland firefighters to more effectively defend a home, and in the event help is not available, improves the likelihood of a home surviving without assistance.

With wildfire season approaching, it's time to create or maintain your defensible space and increase the chance of your home surviving a wildfire.

Know Your Zones

Non-Combustible Zone
The non-combustible zone refers to the first 0-5 feet surrounding your home and should contain no combustible materials. Remove pine needles, leaves, firewood, and combustible vegetation. Read last week's tip on how to create and maintain this zone.

Lean, Clean, and Green Zone
The lean, clean, and green zone refers to the next 5-30 feet around your home. Vegetation in this area should be well-separated, healthy and irrigated. Remove dead plants, reduce combustible materials, and keep vegetation healthy and green.

Wildland Fuel Reduction Zone
The wildland fuel reduction zone refers to the area beyond 30 feet of your home. In this zone, create horizontal and vertical separation between trees and shrubs and remove pine needle accumulations that exceed 3 inches.

Request a Defensible Space Inspection or Curbside Chipping

Fire districts in the Lake Tahoe Basin provide free defensible space inspections and curbside chipping services.

Defensible space evaluations are educational and intended to help residents obtain compliance and chipping services provide a way for residents to dispose of the slash they produce when creating or maintaining defensible space.

Although COVID-19 has delayed inspections and chipping, most services should be available by June 15th.

Use the map below to find your fire district and request an inspection or chipping service online.

Picture of lake tahoe and logos of fire Protection Districts Fire Protection District Contact Info. The Contact Info listed is for requesting a defensible space consultation. North Lake Tahoe Fire 775-831-0351 ext. 8118 nltfpd.net, Tahoe Douglas Fire 775-588-3591 tahoefire.org, South Lake Tahoe Fire Fallen Leaf Fire and Lake Valley Fire 530-577-2447 lakevalleyfire.org, Meeks Bay Fire 530-525-7548 meeksbayfire.com, North Tahoe Fire 530-584-2322 ntfire.net

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District

North Tahoe Fire Protection District

Lake Valley Fire Protection District

Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District

Upcoming Events

Although it is unlikely we will hold any in-person events in the near future, stay tuned for a virtual neighborhood leader meet-and-greet the first week of June. More details will be released soon.

Learn more about becoming a neighborhood leader here.

Thank you for reading our weekly tip, we hope you feel more prepared for wildfire!